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10 Beauty & Skin Tips

Use Sunscreen. In case you haven’t heard by now, the sun ages your skin faster than anything else. That goes for tanning booths too.
2. Don’t Smoke. It wrecks your skin. Just look at someone who has smoked for years. You’ll see wrinkly, dried out skin.
3. Get Enough Sleep. Sleep deprivation always shows up on your skin.
4. Avoid Alcohol. It dehydrates you inside and out.
5. Drink Lots of Water. It hydrates your skin.
6. Exercise. It sends oxygen to your skin and increased circulation.
7. Avoid Stress. Avoid Stress. Stress can cause havoc with your skin.
8. Eat a Healthy Diet. Eat a Healthy Diet. Just like a car, good fuel = good performance.
9. Cleanse Every Night. Never go to sleep without cleansing your skin, especially if you don’t want blackheads.
10. Don’t Forget Your Neck. Always sunblock and moisturize your neck. It’s just as visible as your face.